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Coat of Arms granted to the island of Puerto Rico in the year 1511 by the Catholic Monarch of Castile and León.

On the 8th day of November of the year 1511, by virtue of Royal Decree, the Spanish Crown granted the island of Puerto Rico its current Coat of Arms [pictured at right]; the oldest in continue use in the New World (Americas). The green background stands for vegetation, hope and courtesy. A lamb, holding a white flag with a red cross symbolizing peace, sits on top of the Book of Revelations with its seven seals exposed. The lamb symbolizes peace, purity, humble, and integrity. The lamb and the flag together are symbols of "John The Baptist". The rim is covered by 16 symbols: castles signifying the "Kingdom of Castilla", and lions the "Kingdom of Leon". A flag with lions and castles represents the unity of the two kingdoms. The Cross of Jerusalem also appear on the Coat of Arms. The crown on top symbolizes the "Royalty" who authorized the shield. The King and Queen of Spain, who authorized the Columbus Voyages, are represented on the shield by letters. An "F" appears to the right for Fernando, and to the left a "Y" for Ysabel. The quiver of arrows and yoke represent ideograms for the initials of the Catholic Kings, F and Y. The latin motto: "Joannes Est Nomem Ejus" translates into "John is it name".
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